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Father gets angry and Abandons Son After Negative DNA Tests

Father gets angry and Abandons Son After Negative DNA Tests

A father took his son to preschool and declined to pick him up in the evening after establishing that the little one is not his biological offspring.

The incident which has been reported by Jianxi Morning Daily happened in China.

The boy under the pseudo name Xiao Ruo did not have anyone to collect him after school.

The man he was staying with was angry after carrying out paternity tests, which returned negative.

He only packed a few clothes and a mobile phone in his son’s backpack.

Xiao’s teacher, Chen said she contacted the boy’s grandparents but they also refused to pick him up.

The youngster’s biological mother has promised to pick her son up sometime this week.

Back home, it is also business unusual.

Children are in many societies considered a gift from God and their arrival has been cited as one of the factors that bind men and women in marriage.

However, in some cases, the very presence of children has caused some marriages to break up. According to medical experts, 70 percent of the men who dare go for DNA tests find to their utter shock that they are raising other people’s children.

In Kenya, however, there is an emerging trend is that of increasing numbers of men in recent times secretly seeking the services of DNA-testing companies to ascertain if they, indeed, fathered some or all of their children.

According to Kinyanjui Murigi, an expert with a DNA-testing firm in Nairobi, men are increasingly becoming suspicious, especially if they find that their children do not take after them or share even a single attribute.

“Seven out of 10 men who come to our facility confirm their worst fears – the children were fathered by someone else. Recently, we have been getting so many clients here in Nairobi.

“Very few men who bring their children to our firm. Most of them come with nails, hair, or something the child uses regularly,” he told Inooro TV.

Murigi noted that the men seeking their services explain that they are usually pushed by a strong feeling that they could be unknowingly raising a stranger’s child.

He revealed that some women, particularly those who had a liaison with more than one man before pregnancy were also seeking to know who the fathers are.

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Reasons Why Women…

Marriage therapist Ann Wamuratha explained that a number of reasons were making married women have children away from their spouses.

“We have are a generation of women who are generally naughty, and who started their sex life at an earlier age. Others fall into traps of rich men – knowingly or unknowingly. But remember even after having kids with outsiders, women are secretive beings and they can do anything and you will never realise you are raising another man’s child,” she said.

A couple of women, who spoke to the TV station on condition of anonymity, said that many times they were tempted to look for men with desirable characteristics such as height, skin colour and well-built bodies for them to have cute babies.

In their words, every woman is looking for a “good breed”, therefore, one has to search for the right donor.

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