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Falling in Love With Someone You Know You Cannot Have—The Experience

Falling in Love With Someone You Know You Cannot Have—The Experience

Have you ever had a crush on someone you knew you couldn't have?

We all began with love, and that is a really strong feeling. It's an awesome sensation. It's a story that never fails to astound. It's the nicest thing that could ever occur to somebody. Like a rainbow, it is. When you're in love, everything appears to be colored. The hues are all vivid. Full of life and hope. You almost live in heaven. And on the great level, love is something that can’t be defined and explained by mere words.

When you're in love, your behavior changes in a positive way. You are prepared to give that individual your entire being. You would sacrifice anything for him. You are always by his side, no matter what. Whether he is correct or not. neither knowing whether he will do the same. What matters to you is that he is entire. You only care about his happiness, nothing else. Because you feel complete when you see him at his happiest.

 However, like the rainbow, it may not appear as vivid to someone looking from the opposite direction. He doesn't actually care about you.

Unfulfilled love.

It certainly hurts more than you might think. When you have someone in your heart but are aware that you will never have the slightest opportunity of meeting them, it aches. But that in no way devalues him or you as a victim. Since emotions are one of those things that you occasionally have no control over. Therefore, you can't just pick and choose who you fall for. And for him to adore you in return as well.

Someone may not return your love simply because you gave it to them with all of your heart. They don't have to feel the same way; it's not their fault. Of certainly not yours either. They simply do not.

Sometimes, it takes doing something for someone we love without expecting anything in return for us to realize what true love is. when we solely consider giving and ignore receiving.

It takes more than merely receiving love in return. It extends past that.

Everything is covered by love. Love is capable of covering countless sins. The inadequacies, errors, and imperfections of someone you love are similar. That includes their inability to return your love in the manner in which you desire. If not, it's never truly love.

 Love is what truly makes life worthwhile. Without love, none of us would be here.

 But eventually you'll come to the conclusion that you need to let them go and move on for both your own and their own sakes.

You'll understand that doing this is necessary. With no desire to dwell on the past. Just an improved tomorrow to anticipate.

Because there are moments in life when it is preferable to love someone you cannot have rather than the other way around.

I appreciate you reading I am Dickens.

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