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Exhumation of bodies in Kilifi cult deaths to proceed after Autopsy

Exhumation of bodies in Kilifi cult deaths to proceed after Autopsy

The government has announced exhumation process will resume immediately after completion of the second phase of the Autopsy at the Malindi Sub County Hospital. 


Interior cabinet secretary Kithure Kindiki while launching the second phase of the 

Upscale search yo extend to new areas as people are trying to escape from Makenzi land.

So far he said 241 people have been confirmed dead including five skeletons that were recovered from Shakahola forest when the exhumation was suspended. 

The CS said one follower died in hospital on Wednesday evening after refusing to eat. 

He said it has come to their notice that the followers rescued still want to follow the cultic teachings and were refusing to eat. 



"Offences committed constitute some of the greatest crimes against humanity. We've made tremendous progress. We have arrested many and some are in the second and third tie of the crime" he said. 


Kindiki said the Investigations might take alittle longer because if the Dpp will be looking to charge with serious crimes then it will take a little longer.


The crimes he said consist genocide crimes against humanity which could take years to pin together. 

"I want to assure the security agencies will provide water tight evidence to charge the suspects. We will disilt the offences in phases," he said. He appealed to Kenyans to remain patriotic and patience as the. Government will make sure those responsible are made accountable. 



He said any public official whose conduct or misconduct led to the tragedy shall be sacked and actions taken against them.


"We will push for exhumable accountability. Accountability for all public officers whose conduct ot misconduct les us to this whole process," he said. 


Kindiki hailed political leaders of the area for not politicising the Shakahola deaths which had earlier began to take a political direction. 


" I was getting worried when we introduced politics but all has settled," he said. 


He said if there were any things which could be politicized Shakahola genocide was not part of it. 


He said they will not allow politicians to politicize the exercise.


Kindiki. Said the orders have been extended for another 30 days adding thatarea remains an active crime scene.


"A crime like this needs to be remembered for years to come and we will revitalised the security organs to make sure that we do not have another Shakahola on our land," he said. 


The CS said so far 613 reports have been made and encouraged all people with missing persons even not connected with Shakahola to come forward.


Kindiki said the dusk dawn curfew is still on within Shakahola and the entire Chakama ranch..


Kilifi Governor Gideon Mung’aro said whol Was present thanked the government for doing the the operation and promised to support them more 

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