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Details about teacher who became internet sensation for mending pupil’s uniform

Details about teacher who became internet sensation for mending pupil’s uniform

A teacher at Syiapei Primary School in Narok North Constituency was pictured sewing a primary school pupil's uniform in class, an act that has since won her praise. 


In the picture, a motherly Joyce Malit is seen sewing the 8-year-old grade 2 pupil's dress, as she stands by, wrapped in a leso, waiting for her to finish. 

Malit, aged 56, is a mother of three who has been teaching for 34 years and fights back tears when we sit her for the interview outside the classroom where it all happened.


She says that interacting with pupils, apart from teaching, has been her passion for years. 

On that day, the little girl's dress got torn by a nail on the desk which widely exposed her undergarment in class.

One of her colleagues, Sabina Esho, gave her a lesso to cover the minor as she fixed the dress. The dress minor has to walk 2 km to get to school daily and walking bare would have exposed her to risks.

Malit adds that since she always walks with a needle and wool she took to her skill of sewing the torn apart pieces to perfection.

Little did she know that the gesture would go viral among Kenyans for the good which according to her is service to humanity in good faith.

The teacher says after 34 years of service, she is proud to have made a mark to the minor together with her colleagues, in good faith.

Her hope is to meet President William Ruto and tell him that Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) is the best the future of learners as she challenges parents to embrace it.

On Monday morning, Malit was impressed by the girl, who brought her a flower as a thank-you-gesture, a show she admits made her emotional.

Her passionate message to Teachers Service Commission (TSC) CEO Dr Nancy Macharia is to recognize her long service by advancing her employment grade in retirement, to enable her to deliver more humanitarian service to children as a way of giving back to society.

Before we leave the minors together with their teachers entertain us with a Swahili song that reminds us how God is all loving and full of blessings.

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