• Saturday, 22 June 2024
Alfred Mutua estimates his net worth at Sh420 million.

Alfred Mutua estimates his net worth at Sh420 million.

Former Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua, the Cabinet Secretary nominee for Foreign Affairs, claims to be worth 420 million Kenyan shillings.

He stated that once cleared to be CS, he will travel to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region to try to resolve the issue of mistreatment of Kenyan workers.

Kenyans living in Saudi Arabia
He also stated that the DCI will be involved in the investigation into the suspicious deaths of Kenyans in the Gulf.

"It's unfortunate that they're mistreated. In the last three months, we have lost 85 Kenyans. This is due to systematic failures in recruitment. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not involved and is friendly "He stated.

"There has been a lot of victim-blaming, and if cleared, I will work with the Labour Ministry to put stringent measures in place to prevent this from happening again. We will investigate the deaths and send a message to ensure that the perpetrators are held accountable."

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