• Sunday, 23 June 2024
Actress Jackie Matubia reveals her friends accused her of being “roho chafu”

Actress Jackie Matubia reveals her friends accused her of being “roho chafu”

Actress Jackie Matubia has spoken out about her lack of attendance at Milly Chebby’s recent traditional wedding and given an explanation for her absence. Former close friends Jackie Matubia and Milly Chebby had a tight relationship and were frequently spotted acknowledging each other’s achievements and special events.

But in July, their friendship’s dynamics appeared to change, attracting the attention of their devoted fan base. They stopped celebrating each other’s birthdays, hanging out together, and sharing their little victories, which was a sign of their slow but steady separation.

Soon after, fans started to conjecture about the widening gap between the two well-known figures. The absence of joint appearances and public interaction was one noteworthy instance that attracted the attention of fans.


The fact that Milly Chebby did not post anything to commemorate Jackie Matubia’s firstborn daughter’s birthday added credence to this notion. As the birthday celebration of Matubia’s younger daughter took place in Mombasa, astute internet users saw that the two families had obviously drifted apart.

Following the birthday celebration, Jackie Matubia seemed to spend more time with Izareeh and Kate Actress, two other actresses. The elegant traditional wedding between Terence Creative and Milly Chebby in Eldoret took place on October 21st, and it was seen by the creative community.


Jackie Matubia was noticeably missing from the happy celebration, which surprised a lot of people. Matubia shared her viewpoint as fans bombarded her social media with questions.

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