• Saturday, 22 June 2024
A Story about Love

A Story about Love


The story has the words of Mary, a young adult in love...


My friend suggested that I write a love story when I was upset and I did so.


My baby is gone now, and I miss him so much. And it's true, he's the one who would probably say something if he sensed my agitation so that my rage would instead be directed at him.


I miss the new meaning he gives to my life when he's around; he's my heart's desire and my soul. Because of the joy that a friendship as vibrant and fulfilling as ours brings, a friendship devoid of the illusions that lust gives, but yet filled with the mystery of love and undeniable love, the passing of time has strengthened our bond, deepened our understanding of each other, lengthened our arguments because of the increased knowledge we have of one another, enriched our laughter, more profound our happiness, more poignant our tears, more nostalgic our memories, and richer our lives.


However, this is more of a dream than reality because distance has turned out to be my worst enemy, the force that controls fate and destiny. Realizing that distances between countries and continents, as well as miles and oceans, can determine separation rather than just being a matter of choice The painful realization that life is not always fair and that dreams do not always come true, followed by the acceptance that everything will work out as it should, that everything happens for a reason, and that fate may or may not unravel its strings in my favor. Since we are responsible for our own destiny, it is not the stars that determine it.


A romance novel- and movie-worthy love story. The closest thing to the overused phrase "love at first sight" is possible. Some things haven't changed since the day I first laid eyes on him six years ago, and they still do. From a young girl's crush to an adolescent's troubled and perplexing feelings to the assurance of a young adult that, above all else—all the other side attractions, flings, involvements, and boyfriends—in my heart, he is still supreme.


He is in possession of the key that opens the door to my heart because there can only be one key that fits each door. The heart that is unrestricted in its ability to love friends and family, give every cute guy a second or third glance, discover intense attraction and bonds with special people, but the heart that, in this life that we lead, only one person can possess. Because there is only one true love in life, there is only one person you can love regardless of who they are, there is only one person you can love without placing any restrictions on your love, and there is only one person you can love without questioning whether you are truly in love, lust, or infatuation because you already know the answer; it is hidden in the very depths of your heart.


I know the answer, and I've found my true love, but I also realize that even though there is only one true love in this world, you will only be able to spend the rest of your life with him if you are lucky. However, because life is a mixed bag of wins and losses, I firmly believe that it is preferable to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. When it comes to winning in life's battles, the brave and the strong always prevail. I draw my strength from within to get through each day, resist temptation, overcome challenges, and transcend the greatest of all things: love.

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