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A Nairobi guy was drugged and lost Sh1.1 million to the 'Mchele gang.'

A Nairobi guy was drugged and lost Sh1.1 million to the 'Mchele gang.'

Nairobi police have initiated a search for a woman and a man suspected of being members of the 'Mchele gang.'

Mr. Anthony Waithaka Wahome, one of the two, has been identified as responsible for the Sh1.1 million loss, together with an unidentified woman.

The money is alleged to have belonged to Robert Mugi Wahome, who was having a good time at the Shamilla Villa Club in Embakasi when he was joined by the lady who later drugged and stole from him.

Mr. Wahome filed an OB number 20/22/04/2022 with the Embakasi police station the day after he was robbed.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) then initiated an investigation, which resulted in the arrests of Mr. Jesse Mwangi Muthee and Martin Maina Waigwa.

"They were arrested on July 15 on suspicion of stealing in violation of section 268 as reading section 275 of the penal code," a detective stated in a miscellaneous application filed at the Makadara law courts.

Mr. Mwangi allegedly collected Sh399,000 from the victim's bank account, while Mr. Waigwa allegedly received Sh300,000 from the victim's bank account. Mr. Wahome is also said to have received sh100,000 from the account.

According to the investigating officer, Mr. Peter Njonjo, after having drinks with the lady, they both returned to his residence, but when they woke up the next day, the woman had already fled.

He then noticed that his two mobile phones, a Huawei and a Hisense, registered to the Safaricom network, a wrist watch, a national identification card, and two ATM cards for Equity and Cooperative banks, had gone missing.
Mr. Peter Njonjo, the investigating officer, stated that the victim chose to visit the Equity bank branch within Taj Mall, where he discovered that Sh1.1 million was improperly moved from his account to the three accounts.

"Because the lady who was accompanying the complainant has not been apprehended, we need time to arrest her, as well as Mr. Anthony Waithaka Macharia, who earned Sh100,000."

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