• Thursday, 13 June 2024
7 reasons to keep your circle small

7 reasons to keep your circle small

As a human being, whether you like it or not, you are going to go through a time where your circle of friends will get smaller by the year.

Some of us fail to realize that we need to shed certain friendships in order to grow in life. It is a hard pill to swallow for some of us because of the idea of having lots of friends feels…comforting.


You realize that when you are younger, you consider damn near every kid on your block or in your classroom your friend? It doesn’t even matter if they only gave you a stick of gum or let you cheat off their spelling homework because they were nice, you said that person was your friend. As we get older, we start to consider that there is more to be factored into being called a friend. We begin to grow and that list gets longer and more substantial. Who knows how to be your friend?


In life, it is hard to find those that have a sense of geniality to them. I am sure you know this by now. These kinds of people are not found everywhere; they come far and apart, which is why it is important to cherish the moment when you come in contact with someone who holds this quality in themselves. When a person genuinely cares, your troubles almost become theirs and vice versa. When having real friendships, you tend to work through things together. Taking in and putting out the same energy of love and respect for one another.

# Less Fakeness

The smaller your circle of trusted people are, the less inclined you are to being exposed to others illusions of you. Individuals tend to put on a fake facade in order to get what they want out of life. We all do it, whether it’s to our boss or to our parents when we want to do or have something. But, when dealing with those you call friends, you have to be very discerning in knowing who’s real or not. Even if they are associates, it is imperative who you are letting into your circle. Those that you have around you can influence your being in either the right or the wrong direction.

# More Like Family

Having a close-knit circle of friends is like having brothers or sisters that you didn’t grow up with. This group of people knows just about knows everything about you and then there are differences; which makes the friendship better because after all, we’re all different with our own minds. It is a miracle to find strangers out in the world whose hearts and energies feels like family.

# The Real

Your true circle of friends should not sugar coat the truth from you. That’s not being a good friend. They are there to tell you the hard and gritty truth about yourself when you are in doubt or when you’re being a straight asshole. You need people in your circle for these times to bring you back to reality when you think your head is getting too big. They’ll snap you back really quick. A true friend is also there to remind you of the magical person you are when you tend to forget under pressure. 

# You Know How People Are

The humans of this earth can be sneaky, conniving, confusing, manipulative etc.… Knowing this bit of information about people can help you along your journey of life. It is quite good to know that everyone is not like this, but, some people are. With great life experiences, comes great judgment of people as you meet them. Get to know the person of course, but, know when one shows you their true colors, you must believe them the first time.

# Less To Carry with You

As you get older, you’ll see that your how small your circle has gotten and you have to realize that that is okay. Whether you are successful or not as of yet, the smaller your circle, the fewer people you’ll have to worry about taking care of. I am not saying it is your job to take care of the ones you love, but, usually, when a person gets in a comfortable place, they’ll show their love back to those that have helped them through hard times.

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