• Thursday, 13 June 2024
3- star hotel menus discovered at Shakahola reveals Kindiki Kithure

3- star hotel menus discovered at Shakahola reveals Kindiki Kithure

While appearing before the senate ad hoc committee, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki revealed that Mackenzie's armed gangs killed the followers who changed their minds about fasting or were unable to complete the fast.

Kindiki noted that the post mortem results revealed that while most of Mackenzie's cult members died of starvation other including children were found with strangulation marks while others were beaten and suffocated.

Prof. Kindiki explained to the committee that in some structures within the shakahola forest 3- star hotel menus were found concluding that Mackenzie and his scouts could have been eating next to starved people.

The CS added that Mackenzie covered the his tracks by avoiding the use of technology. "Alot of money he conned people was in cash,"revealed Kindiki.

Based on the postmortem results majority of the bodies exhumed were of people killed and buried after he was released from police custody on a KSH 10,000 cash bail on March 22nd, 2023.

So far 241 bodies have been exhumed from the Mass grave site in shakahola with 91 people being rescued and 19 reunited with their families. 

10 more mass grave sites have been identified as the second phase of the exhumation is set to be launched. 


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