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19 honest reasons why you are still single in 2022

19 honest reasons why you are still single in 2022

1. The words you speak. You speak negative words such “Good men don’t exist”, “All women are gold diggers.”

2. You push people away then lament that you are rejected.

3. Your first impressions are not so amazing. You are not well put together so people don’t get interested in you.

4. Your follow up impressions are disappointing. Perhaps you attract people with your first impression but when they really get to know you they find out you are toxic, pushy, vulgar, possessive or negative.

5. There is no purpose you are pursuing. Purpose makes you special and stand out. The one who loves you will fall in love with your purpose. Don’t just sit in the house sulking why you are single.

6. Your Social media profile. You are single but say on your profile that you are married, you call yourself a fishy or immature name, your profile posts are not honourable, you are a catfish putting photos not of you pretending to be you. People are watching.

7. You display immaturity. Mature people will avoid you.

8. You display double mindedness, flirting with different people.

9. Your micro climate is not pleasant. Once someone gets close to you, they don’t enjoy your company.

19 brutally honest reasons why you are still single in 2020 - Capital  Lifestyle

10. You have not healed. Bitterness, anger and the holding on of the past shows and it can put off suitors who are whole looking for someone who is whole and ready.

11. You have a low self-esteem and it causes you to be seen as draining. When you don’t love yourself you make it hard for others to love you.

12. You are self centred. You make everything about you and your needs.

13. You rush and show desperation. You hurriedly seek commitment with anyone who shows potential so people keep off you because you make them feel like you are just using them to achieve the goal of marriage.

14. You don’t know how to relate with those of the opposite gender, making interactions awkward.

15. You are too impatient and get bored easily (connections take time).

16. You are wasting your time with the wrong ones.

17. You fear commitment so you turn down chances of starting love yet you say you want love.

18. You are too sexual and give off suggestive vibes too eagerly. Conversations with you are often about sex so you get stuck in a sexual web putting off people who are looking for something deeper.

19. It is not yet time. singlehood is a season. You are ripe and ready for marriage, relax, your spouse will find you busy being you.

19 brutally honest reasons why you are still single in 2020 - Capital  Lifestyle

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