• Tuesday, 25 June 2024
13-year-old boy saves the day as school bus driver faints

13-year-old boy saves the day as school bus driver faints

When the driver of a school bus transporting several children lost consciousness, a 13-year-old American lad saved the lives of the children on board by safely stopping the bus.

The incident occurred on Wednesday in the northern state of Michigan when a youngster named Dillon Reeves stood up and grabbed the wheel after he noticed the driver had passed out. He then used the hand brake to stop the car in the middle of the road.

According to a video provided by the authorities, the bus's driver lost consciousness while operating it as it was transporting close to 70 children from Lois E. Carter Middle School in the town of Warren.

Reeves assumes charge of the bus and yells for someone to dial the 911 emergency rescue service number while children can be heard wailing.

Warren city councilor Jonathan Lafferty posted on Facebook that "The City of Warren is tremendously proud of our 7th Grade Hero Dillon Reeves."


He said that when his school bus driver had a medical emergency, "this young man leaped into action, putting the bus to a stop and avoiding what could have been a very tragic disaster."

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