• Thursday, 30 November 2023
10 Questions to ask Your partner Before Committing to a Relationship

10 Questions to ask Your partner Before Committing to a Relationship

A great date is one thing, but being relationship material is a whole other.

Below are 10 questions that you can consider asking your partner before getting into a serious physical relationship. That way, it becomes easier to work things out, and you know where to touch and where to avoid.

Do you want kids?
Kids are a personal choice; it is good that you ask them if they are okay with this first.

Are you religious?
Many other relationships can work despite religious differences, but others can’t. Having an honest conversation about someone’s beliefs will help you determine whether what you both think

Are you close with your parents?
The way someone treats their parents is very often the way they’ll treat you back, so be very good and aware of this question.

What Your Childhood Taught You
Life is full of ups and downs; it’s what you learn from the bumps in the road that defines who you are. This question will help you learn more about what has shaped your possible mate.

How do you budget your money?
More especially to both partners, both male and female, there’s no exception on this one. Ensure your date has their finances in order before jumping into something more serious.

Are you saving for retirement
When you look down the road, what kind of life do you see? Ask your date how they envision their golden years going and how they plan to finance those dreams in the near future.

Do you have a roof
Make sure you know where your partner lives; this is key to the relationship because it shows they are free with you.

Do you like to travel
Ask this one; do not assume; nobody likes to stay in the house all weekends, and if they do, plan something once in a while.

Are you active on any sports team
Find out if your mate is involved in any activities. Then find out how much time sports play takes up in their schedule for easier planning.

Do you have hobbies
Get to know what your partner loves so that you can also learn which will be more fun to play together.