• Thursday, 30 November 2023
Why Energy CS Davis Chirchir was heckled in church as Ruto watched

Why Energy CS Davis Chirchir was heckled in church as Ruto watched

Energy and Petroleum Cabinet Secretary Davis Chirchir was treated to a hostile reception in Sotik, Bomet county where he accompanied President William Ruto to a church service on Sunday, November 19, 2023.

The CS was forced to cut short his speech after the audience declined to listen to him, with the crowd heckling in disapproval.

Chirchir’s attempts to prevail upon the crowd to listen to him bore not fruit as laud chants of disapproval drowned his voice.

"Thank you so much, Your Excellency, thank you for coming to pray with us today here in Sotik, it's like home for me. As far as the electricity situation goes, we are going to fix it," CS Chirchir stated in his short speech as the crowd heckled.


He was saved from the harrowing ordeal by Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok who was the emcee with the clip of how the events unfolded circulating on social mediaThe governor intervened to restore calm and order with the CS taking his seat without finishing his speech.

At the centre of the CS’s woes are frequent blackouts in Bomet and rising cost of power.

The sustained rise in fuel prices over the last few months did not make matters easier either.


Ruto remarks on 2027 elections

When the President took to the podium, he assured residents that frequent blackouts and high cost of power will be addressed to guarantee everyone affordable and reliable power.

The president urged leaders to focus on Kenya’s development instead of focusing on 2027 elections, noting that his present mission is to transform Kenya.

"I am not planning on being re-elected. I am planning on how we will transform Kenya. That is my mission. “Being elected again is by God's plan and the will of Kenyans. My work is not planning on how I will be re-elected. My work is changing Kenya," Ruto stated.


"We cannot continue to focus on the next election. We must begin to focus on the next generation." He added.

The Kenya Kwanza regime has increasingly found itself on the spot with Kenyans resorting to different means to call it out over unfulfilled election promises.

Among the issues that have put Ruto and his government on the receiving end is the high cost of living that have seen a number of events characterized by heckling.