• Tuesday, 25 June 2024
The court declares that pastor Ezekiel Odero's request to reopen the church is urgent

The court declares that pastor Ezekiel Odero's request to reopen the church is urgent

Pastor Ezekiel Odero's motion to the State to reopen his New Life Prayer Centre and Church and restore broadcast by his television station has been declared as urgent by a court in Mombasa County.

Olga Sewe, the presiding judge, instructed Mr. Odero to serve the state with his documents on Thursday and stated that the case would be heard on May 8.

Pastor Odero requested that the matter be heard as soon as possible and filed a certificate of urgency for it.


He is requesting that the court halt any negative steps taken by State entities against him in the case, including the freezing of the church's eight bank accounts in Cooperative and NCBA banks.

The televangelist requests that the court impose a conservatory order instructing the State to refrain from interfering with the religious activities or prayer sessions at the church in order to enable for efficient operations while his application is heard and decided.

He further requests that a temporary conservatory injunction be issued by the court to prevent the Communication Authority of Kenya from suspending his television service.


The CA halted the airing of Times TV and World Evangelism TV, which are connected to televangelists Paul Mackenzie and Odero, respectively.

The two were determined to have broadcast objectionable material on exorcism during the watershed time, according to Director-General Ezra Chiloba. It further stated that Times TV broke 17 broadcasting license requirements, while World Evangelism broke 12 additional ones.


The State previously acknowledged that the deaths that took place at the pastor's church were reported to the police, but said that there was no cause for suspicion of criminal behavior at the time of this reporting.


For an additional 30 days, the government wanted to hold the televangelist. On Thursday, prosecutors informed the Mombasa court that they now had new material regarding the Shakahola cult deaths, which are the subject of the investigation into alleged preacher Mackenzie.

According to the prosecutor, autopsies on some of the bodies that were excavated in Shakahola show that several victims, primarily youngsters, perished from strangling.

This was described by the State as "new knowledge" and "changing circumstances," respectively.

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