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Nairobi: Tough Times Ahead For Nairobians As Sakaja Proposes Tax Increases For Parking, Market Stalls

Nairobi: Tough Times Ahead For Nairobians As Sakaja Proposes Tax Increases For Parking, Market Stalls

Nairobians will be expected to dig deeper into their pockets to remit taxes to the county government if a proposed bill to revenue is enacted.

Inscribed in the Nairobi City County Finance Bill 2023, the county government seeks to increase fees, charges, levies and penalties on the city's transport system including parking zones, drop-off and pick-up points.

The county further seeks to drain the city dwellers' wallets by increasing payment fees for renting market stalls, food courts and shops and public places.


The Johnson Sakaja-led administration has proposed to increase daily, monthly and annual fees for parking spots in Zone I and Zone II.

Zone I parking spots include the CBD, Kijabe Street, Westlands, Upperhill, Community, Ngara, Highridge, Industrial area, Gigiri, Kilimani, Yaya Centre, Milimani, Hurligham, Lavington, Karen, Eastleigh, Muthaiga, Gikomba and Nairobi West.

Zone II areas include on-street parking at commercial centres, and any county market parking that is not included in Zone I.

In Zone I areas daily parking fees for saloon cars will increase from Ksh.200 to Ksh.300, vans/pickups will hike from Ksh.200 to Ksh.500, lorry/minibus weighing up to 5 tons to shoot from Ksh.1,000 to Ksh.2,000, and for lorries above 5 tons to rise from Ksh.1,000 to Ksh.3,000.

Non-PSV buses will have their fees remain at Ksh.1,000, and trailers from Ksh.3,000 to Ksh.3,500.

Monthly parking fees for non-digital taxis will also start being charged at Ksh.3,000.

In Zone II areas daily fees for saloon cars will decrease from Ksh.200 to Ksh.100, vans/pickups will shoot down from Ksh.200 to Ksh.150 and non-PSV buses will enjoy a reduction from Ksh.1,000 to Ksh.500

Lorries/minibuses of upto 5 tons will also see a reduction from Ksh.1,000 to Ksh.500 and lorries above 5 tons will have their daily fees retained at Ksh.1,000. Trailers will however see an increment from Ksh.3,000 to Ksh.3,500.

Private seasonal on-street parking will have lorries of up to 5 tons pay a new 1-month fee of Ksh.12,500, a 3-month fee of Ksh.32,500, a 6-month fee of Ksh.60,000 and a 12-month fee of Ksh.112,500.

Trailers will now have a new 1-month fee of Ksh.75,000, a 3-month fee of Ksh.195,000, 6 6-month fee of Ksh.360,000 and an annual fee of Ksh.675,000.

Non-PSV buses will start paying 1-month fees of Ksh.25,000, 3-month fees of Ksh.65,000, 6-month fee of Ksh.120,000 and Ksh.225,000 annually.

Tuk-tuk operators will cough out Ksh.2,000 per month, Ksh.5,000 per every 3 months, 6 months at Ksh.8,000, and 12 months at Ksh.14,000.

Motorbike/scooters parking outside CBD will start paying Ksh.1,000 per month, Ksh.2,500 every 3 months, Ksh.4,500 in every 6 months and Ksh.8,000 in every 12 months.

Loading/offloading zones in parking slots measuring (2.5x5)m will pay annual fees of Ksh.250,000 from Ksh.220,000.

Reserved parking for private use within the same square metre will now pay Ksh.275,000 annually, and Ksh.1,000 per day.

Display of motor vehicle for sale on road reserves per M2 will have their annual fees increased from Ksh.10,000 to Ksh.15,000, Ksh.1,500 every month and a new fee of Ksh.100 per day.

Free on-street parking (non-automated areas) fees around Mosques located in Zone I will be scrapped from Ksh.200 only for Fridays from 12:00pm-2:30pm.

The same will also be done for Mosques in Zone II.

For churches, those in Zone I and Zone II will have free parking for the whole day on Saturday.

Motorists will also pay zero fees on Sundays and Public holidays in both Zone I and II.


Rental fees were also adjusted for traders in Nairobi's busy City Market as those in large stalls will start paying increments from Ksh.12,500 to Ksh.16,250; those on balconies from Ksh.4,500 to Ksh.5,850; offices from Ksh.5,000 to Ksh.6,500; and shops from Ksh.30,000 to Ksh.39,000.

Those occupying spaces will have their fees increased from Ksh.2,400 to Ksh.3,120; Stall I from Ksh.5,000 to Ksh.6,500; Stall II from Ksh.6,500 to Ksh.8,450; Stall III from Ksh.10,000 to Ksh.13,000; and Stall IV from Ksh.13,000 to Ksh.16,900.

Those in Stall VI will have charges rise from Ksh.13,500 to Ksh.17,550; Stall VII from Ksh.14,000 to Ksh.18,200; Stall VIII from Ksh.25,000 to Ksh.32,500; and Stall 1 B from Ksh.12,000 to Ksh.15,600.

Traders in Dagoretti relocation site along Ngong Road will start paying fees of Ksh.52,000 from Ksh.40,000. 

Kenyatta Market was also not spared as Hotels and Butcheries will start paying new fees of Ksh.1,500, those in Stall I from Ksh.800 to Ksh.1,040; Stall II from Ksh.1,000 to Ksh.1,300; and toilets to pay Ksh.20,000 from 10,000.

In Muthurwa market, traders in Rental Stall I will increase their fees from Ksh.3,000 to Ksh.3,900; Stall II from Ksh.8,000 and Ksh.10,400; Stall III from Ksh.10,000 to Ksh.13,000.

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