• Wednesday, 24 July 2024
Kenya Power Launches Free Prepaid Meter Update Exercise

Kenya Power Launches Free Prepaid Meter Update Exercise

Kenya Power customers using prepaid meters (tokens) are urged to update their meters to continue enjoying uninterrupted power access.

This is an exercise that is aimed at successfully transitioning all prepaid meters and addressing other challenges encountered.   

Customers have until 31st August 2024 to comply with this critical update, which targets all prepaid meters using the Standard Transfer Specification (STS).

STS is the universal method for transferring tokens to prepaid meters, ensuring security in token generation.

The power authority will conduct an exercise to assist all power consumers in updating their meters. Assistance will be readily available to ensure the process is smooth and efficient.

“A total of 7.4 million prepaid meters are targeted for this exercise. All prepaid meters that are not updated by the deadline will stop accepting tokens. We have put in place elaborate measures to ensure all our customers are fully assisted in updating their meters to continue enjoying our services,” said Kenya Power’s Managing Director and CEO, Joseph Siror.

The authority has committed to providing all necessary information to help prepaid customers expedite the meter update process.

Upon purchasing tokens, customers will receive a message prompting them to update their meters. Consumers who do not buy tokens before the deadline will directly receive two codes (a reset code and an update code) notifying them to update their meters.

“Customers will receive two codes from Kenya Power when they purchase tokens. They will be required to enter these codes into their meter following the steps indicated in the SMS before loading the new token,” the statement read in part.

Speaking during a stakeholder-customer engagement on Wednesday, Kenya Power CEO Joseph Siror emphasized that the exercise is free and devoid of any fee or payment whatsoever. 

“I would like to emphasize that this exercise will be free and therefore no customer will be required to pay to have their meter updated,” Siror insisted. 

The MD clarified that there would be no more disruptions while stating that the company is doing its best to revamp its systems to curtail any future disruptions or technical hitch. They committed to refurbishing the system's grid. 

The initiative is a step towards securing efficient energy access, as such, all customers are urged to actively participate in the mentioned exercise to keep enjoying the electricity supply. 

The power authority averred that there would be no difference between electricity costs after the prepaid meter is updated. 

Customers were also advised to load any underutilized tokens before updating their meters. Failure to do so will render these tokens invalid. The MD reiterated that failure to update a token, the user will have difficulties in loading the prepaid meter codes. 

“Whenever you will attempt to buy a token and load, it will not if you would not have updated your token meter by the deadline set by the power company.” 

Kenya Power has ensured that detailed instructions are provided to all customers to facilitate a seamless update process. The company is committed to making sure no customer is left behind.

Special attention will be given to customers who may face challenges during the update process. Kenya Power has set up dedicated support teams to assist with any issues that may arise.

The update is crucial for maintaining the security and efficiency of the prepaid meter system. Kenya Power assures all customers that this measure is in their best interest and aims to improve service delivery.

Customers are encouraged to reach out to Kenya Power’s customer service for any queries or assistance required. The company remains dedicated to providing reliable and efficient power services to all its users.

The last similar exercise was conducted 33 years ago. 

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