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I am married but in love with another person.

I am married but in love with another person.

An Open Declaration of a Broken Heart!

Not me but speaking for everyone who feels the same, it is fictitious as it sounds!

I'm going undercover because I'm married...

Anyway, I've been married for a little over a year now.

There was this girl before the marriage—sweet, good-looking, innocent, and devoid of any hint of hypocrisy.

As you might have guessed, I fell for her!


For four years, I had been her best friend. Actually, I had a crush on her, which is why we became friends. But then I fell in love with her.


She used to tell me about a guy who was her college crush and other things that cut right through my heart.


She was a free spirit, and she had a new crush every week. But she never tried to make things happen with her crushes. She simply told me, and we both laughed. At the very least, she laughed heartily.


I am agnostic. I never asked anyone for anything, even if I weren't an atheist. I was content with what I had. I used to believe that there are people in the world who can only wish for a life like mine.

But I found myself praying because of how I felt about her. I sat down and prayed. Every day, I prayed that one day she would be mine.

I used to drop hints at her all the time, but she either didn't get it because she thought of me as a friend, or she ignored it because she didn't have feelings like that for me.

I mustered the courage to ask her one day.

I only asked her once. It was not a proposal; I simply inquired as to why she had never considered having a relationship with me. She laughed and said, "because I only like "hot guys."

"I'm serious," I said, laughing. "Well, I'm too!" she said.


Perhaps I was foolishly in love, but she was not the type to put you in your place. However, she did. Despite the fact that I am not ugly.


So she drops a bomb one fine day. Hello, I'm in a relationship. I assumed she was joking. But she told me his name and everything about what happened.


I still didn't believe her because she was the type of person who would have an arranged marriage because it was the norm in our culture.


Anyway, after a few days, she sent me a picture of the guy embracing her by the waist. I felt like my insides had been kicked out...


Nonetheless, I did not give up hope. I figured my chance would come after she broke up with this guy. She, however, did not.


She soon announced her wedding and invited me to attend. I became depressed. But I never became suicidal or a drunk because my mother was the most important person in my life. I'm unable to bring tears to her eyes. I adore my mother.

Anyway, I received treatment from a Therapist and was cured... So I reasoned!


I later met a lovely girl and married one fine day. I treat my wife the same way I would have treated a princess. But I don't love my wife as much as I used to. But I love my wife very much.


Yes, everyone who sees us as a couple exclaims, "Wow!" — they are so in love. But I'm not that happy on the inside. I'm not having an affair with her. I am devoted to her.


But every now and then, late at night, I have a fleeting thought: How happy I would be if the one who got away had married me!

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