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The Statesman Digital is a leading news website with global impact. Our teams span across Kenya, working together to connect with news consumers around the world. We are committed to informing and inspiring through journalism of the highest standards. Our vision is to “ Elevate Thought “ and our mission is to “ Lead the global conversation about the world. “ We develop news content 24/7, driven by world-class journalists, editors, visual artists, photographers and videographers, all guided by the principle of “Truth and Fairness”. Our editorial teams are powered by emerging digital technologies that allow us to create innovative ways to tell world’s most important and compelling stories. Against the backdrop of shifting discovery and consumption behaviours, The Statesman Digital reaches users across distributed media platforms including smartphone and tablet apps, social media and messaging platforms.

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From the World Wars to the beer wars, advertising has always been the defining landmark of our cultural landscape. And if the economy is the engine of any society, then advertising is its fuel. The Statesman Advertising mission is to help brands and partners make an impact with readers who want to understand global issues from an African perspective. Its principal focus is to deliver effective and efficient marketing solutions that engage and activate the right audiences and deliver ROI that matters. Bringing our news business forward into the digital age has advanced our mission to lead the global conversation about Kenya while broadening our international relevance and global reach. Through our award-winning journalism, we cover Kenya and the world with depth and unparalleled nuance for nearly 56 million monthly readers globally. What sets us a part is how we ABOUT THE STATEMAN DIGITAL connect thought-leading editorial content with brands across print and digital media platforms, develop marketing solutions and run campaigns that deliver results. The Statesman’s digital transformation has cemented our role as a leading news media company and this has enabled The Statesman digital to empower our partners with insights through our digital innovations. We are the best news publisher in Kenya to launch a first-party data platform in our Lighthouse to support our clients with purposeful intelligence that delivers more effective and efficient campaigns with better-targeted audiences. At the same time, brand safety is a top priority for us and partners can continue to trust our platform with our publisher-built brand suitability tool in The Statesman Digital. We have a well-established foundation of award-winning expertise and creative experience in Morning Studio that bridge our clients to success with bespoke brand-storytelling solutions. The team is committed to give voice to your brand and take its unique narrative to new heights by connecting with audiences through industry-leading digital tools and services. Our team operates with a conviction to pave new ways for brands to drive growth and ROI in the digital age of news publishing. We are led with values and principles that establish The Statesman digital as a trusted partner that places our readers and partners at the centre of what we do. With this in mind, we are dedicated to elevate your brand and ensure the success of your campaigns.

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“Doing Business Without Advertising is like Winking at a Girl in the Dark. You know what you are Doing, but Nobody else Does”


“Stopping Advertising to save Money is like Stopping your Watch to save Time”



Right now, the advertising industry is undergoing real change.

From measurement to sustainability, privacy to purpose, advertisers are wrestling with a number of big challenges posed by digital channels. That’s on top of the creativity, cultural relevance and attention you need for brand growth. We believe we can deliver a more effective advertising environment. Where reporting is transparent and privacy protected. Where advertisers can be sure your money is being spent on big, beautiful creatives placed at the heart of culture - in front of people that are paying attention. On that basis, The Statesman Digital is the right choice for your brand Now.

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